Sterling is a completely environmentally-focused college, using farms, forests, rivers, and wetlands as our classrooms. With a small student body of less than 125 students and in the rural, northeast corner of Vermont, we are able to foster a tight-knit community that prides itself on sustainable and socially responsible living. At Sterling, we provide you the opportunity to roll your sleeves up and learn in a very hands-on, experiential way. We believe that environmental stewardship is no solution for system-level challenges like climate change and invite great thinkers to join us and challenge the status quo.  Visit us at: to learn how you can be a changemaker.

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What Can You Do with an Ecology Degree?

Ecology is a branch of biology which involves the study of organisms and their interaction with the environment.  That “organism” could be a tiny plant or a large mammal; that…

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Dunbar Mural Tells the Story of the Sterling “Salad-Scape”

Tara Goreau has painted murals all over the Northeast Kingdom—at the Cellars at Jasper Hill, Pete’s Greens, High Mowing Seeds, the Galaxy Bookstore, and even at a farm insurance business…

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An Apple A Day

It’s late September here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and the locals all know what that means – apples. As the first chills of autumn settle on the Common…

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