Queue some dramatic music.

Cut to a helmet & kevlar-clad wearing crew grabbing their chainsaws.

Cut to snow-encrusted Sterling woodlot.

This is where our story begins…


Sustainable Agriculture and Restorative Forestry are important elements of the Sterling Curriculum and we take our jobs seriously when teaching future environmental stewards how to approach this important work.  During our 2 week Intensives, Faculty member Rick Thomas and LEAP Coordinator, Dave Birdsall are teaching our students how to understand Woodlot Practices.  Students learn methods associated with safe tree felling practices, limbing and bucking procedures, chainsaw maintenance, chain sharpening, and assist in extraction procedures using draft horses.  In addition to practicing timber harvesting, students investigate selected principles of Silviculture.


In case you were wondering, when a tree falls in the woods it DOES make a sound!  Check out some more images from the Game of Logging here and, if this kind of work interests you, click here to learn more about the curriculum.


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