The kitchen was buzzing as the student-run sushi workshop commenced. A long awaited activity, the students jumped in with vigor. After the initial prep the student creativity started to shine as the sushi rolling began. Every type of combination was created with a never ending desire for new ones on the horizon.
Melanie Reinhardt, Sterling’s Sous Chef, gushed about about “the incredible team work and how everyone was learning from one another. The free flow worked out nicely and we were able to produce some great results.  Great job team, well done on the mise en place Lou and thank you Owen for being at the ready for any question folks had on how to go about their job!”  When asked to share some photos for the blog, Melanie added, “Too bad we won’t be able to hear all the yums and oohs and ahhs about the different tastes and textures!”

Photo:  Melanie Reinhardt

Photo: Beana Bern

Interested to see more photos of the sushi making joy?  Click here!

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