The Sterling College Convener “Community Writes” section has been established as a designated forum for students and employees to inform and educate the Sterling College community.

Sterling College will not knowingly publish any material determined by the College to be unprotected by the Constitution. This includes material that is libelous, obscene, materially disruptive to the life of the College, a violation of copyright, sensationalism, obstruction of justice, an invasion of privacy, or a promotion of unlawful products or services. It is not a forum for lobbying on unrelated issues, self-promotion, or personal attacks.

The Convener also will not publish letters dealing with the particulars of a disciplinary action or the circumstances leading up to it.

Quality and relevancy of the piece to the community are factors taken into consideration when determining whether or not to run an editorial. Sterling College may delay publication of editorials to create a diverse dialogue. The opinions expressed in the editorials are not necessarily those of the College, its leadership, or its trustees.

When a topic inspires an exchange of opinions, Sterling College may cut off debate after a reasonable period of time.

We ask that editorials be 300 words or less and contain the author’s name. All letters submitted to the Sterling College eNews are subject to being edited for brevity and clarity. The College reserves the right to reject letters of unsuitable content. Determinations for meeting the editorial policy will be made by the Dean of Advancement and/or the Associate Dean for Marketing & Communications.

The overall purpose, role and goal of the “Community Writes” section of the Sterling College eNews is to:

  • Inform, challenge and entertain readers and viewers with accurate reports and thoughtful perspectives, where information has been impartially gathered and thoroughly verified;
  • Serve as an educational laboratory experience for students and employees;
  • Be accurate, fair, and impartial in its coverage of issues that affect the college community;
  • Cover relevant topics, even in cases of possible controversy;
  • Cover the total college population as effectively and accurately as possible;
  • Report all issues in a legal, objective, accurate and ethical manner, in accordance with the code of ethics developed by the Society for Professional Journalists.

This policy has been modeled after editorial policies used by other institutions of higher education and secondary education. This policy may be edited without notice. The most current version of the policy replaces any pre-existing policy.

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