The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (RMSA) and Sterling College present Seed School, an innovative workshop that offers a comprehensive overview of the history, science, business, spirit and craft of seeds. This engaging and inspirational course, held at Sterling College’s School of the New American Farmstead from August 5-10, 2018, is for backyard gardeners, market farmers, educators and anyone concerned about food and the seeds needed to grow it.

Seed School was developed in 2010 and to date has educated more than 1,000 students from around the world. This acclaimed course has been featured in two documentary films, “Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds” and “SEED: The Untold Story.”

In less than a century of industrial agriculture, our once abundant seed diversity— painstakingly created by ancient farmers and gardeners over countless millennia—has been drastically winnowed down to a handful of mass-produced varieties. As the renowned naturalist and author Gary Paul Nabhan puts it, “Many of our seeds today are as endangered as a panda or polar bear.” Today three companies own and control over 72% of all our seeds. A recent merger between Bayer and Monsanto makes this consolidation all the more alarming.

Renowned guests participating in this special East Coast Seed School include Tom Stearns, founder of High Mowing Seeds; John Navazio, head seed breeder with Johnny’s Selected Seeds; Amy Halloran, author of the New Bread Basket; and Will Bonsall, author, educator and farmer from the Scatterseed Project. Seed School will instill participants with the knowledge, resources and inspiration to develop more sovereign and secure seed systems where they live.

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