Sterling College is pleased to share Schumacher College’s offer of significantly reduced tuition for its one-year programs to Sterling’s graduating seniors and alumni looking to study at a progressive and ecologically-focused graduate school.

Located on the 1,200-acre campus of the historic Dartington Hall Estate in South Devon, England, Schumacher College’s programs encourage students to develop a deep, participatory relationship with nature and explore the opportunities afforded by the vibrant landscape and community that surrounds the College. Similar to Sterling, Schumacher College offers a small-class setting and fully immersive experiential learning to support the development of practical skills and strategic thinking to help face the myriad social, ecological and economic challenges facing us in the coming years.

In the spirit of collaboration between two like-minded educational institutions, Sterling’s graduating seniors and alumni looking to enroll in Ecological Design Thinking, Regenerative Economics and Holistic Science for Autumn 2020 or Engaged Ecology starting January 2021 are eligible for nearly  50% tuition reduction.

Curious? Check out more here and sign up to attend one of Schumacher’s upcoming Online Postgraduate Open Days, where you can discuss the application process with Schumacher’s postgraduate administrators, get your questions answered by academic faculty, and see more videos and resources. Register on www. or email [email protected] for more information. 

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