Food craft classes in fermentation and breadmaking will be offered this summer in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom through the School of the New American Farmstead, Sterling College’s continuing education program.

Vermont fermentation enthusiast Nancy VanWinkle, founder of Nomadic Roots Kitchen, leads the way in Living Foods: Fearless Fermentation from the Farm, Field and Forest August 1-3, 2018. VanWinkle is passionate about teaching fermentation methods to fellow eaters. Participants will learn processes for fermenting vegetables and tonic beverages, incorporating sourdough into unexpected surprises, and culturing dairy into tasty yogurt, kiefer and simple cheeses.

“Students will explore beyond the classroom into the field, forest and kitchen to include all that the Sterling College campus has to offer,” said VanWinkle. “The mid-summer abundance will inspire and guide our fermentation choices.”

Bread baker and oven builder Richard Miscovich returns to Sterling August 13-17, 2018 to teach a course on Artisan Breadmaking and Heritage Grains. Miscovich is an assistant professor at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island and the author of “From the Wood Fired Oven” (Chelsea Green, 2013). This journey starts with bread baking fundamentals, starting wild yeast cultures and experimenting with diverse concepts such as long-fermented naturally leavened breads, sprouted grains and sprouted grain flours. There will be an emphasis on baking with retained heat provided by the wood-fired oven.

“The best bread bakers are ones who augment a detail-oriented approach with a willingness to use their intuition, and the Sterling College environment offers a superb opportunity to join these two qualities. After a week, people leave with a deep understanding of fermentation, grain and the baking process,” said Miscovich. “It is both the format of the class and the conviviality that comes from students  sharing delicious food, beautiful vistas and a common interest that creates a wonderful learning experience.”

The School of the New American Farmstead (SNAF) is Sterling College’s continuing education program, which presents agrarians, culinarians, entrepreneurs and craftspeople ways to hone valuable skills while adhering to the College’s principles of environmental stewardship and experiential learning.

For more information on the School of the New American Farmstead and to register for these classes, please visit:

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