The 51st Annual Expedition at Sterling College had many of the standbys of the four-day, three-night wilderness camping experience that is the capstone of the Experiential Education I class (Bounder). Faculty member Adrian Owens was there, as he had been on the past 24 Expeditions. Distinguished Professor Ned Houston was there, marking his 33th consecutive Expedition (his 35th Expedition overall). Students dug deep within themselves and worked with each other to get through the challenges of hiking and camping in deep snow—but where was the snow?

An unseasonably warm and drizzly December made for a sopping and muddy Expedition over December 12–14, 2016, with nary a snowflake in sight. Still, students made it through and came back to the Common to triumphant and enthusiastic (if soggy) cheers and warm welcomes, feeling stronger, triumphant, and ready for dinner.

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