Four Stars LGBTQ-Friendly Campus

Sterling College has earned 4 stars for its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LGBTQ)-friendly campus from Campus Pride—up from 3.5 stars in 2015. The nonprofit organization’s list showcases “the most LGBTQ-inclusive colleges and universities when it comes to policy, program, and practice in higher education.”

4 stars LGBTQ-friendly campus, lgbtq pride paradeThis year, Sterling College earned top marks for its LGBTQ policy inclusion, housing and residence life, and recruitment and retention efforts. Sterling is one of only three colleges in Vermont to be included in the index of 237 colleges and universities nationwide.

This is the second year the College has been ranked by Campus Pride using its Campus Pride Index, a national benchmarking tool for colleges and universities which self-assesses LGBTQ-friendly policies and practices.

“We’re thrilled by our higher rating, but not surprised,” said Favor Ellis, Dean of Community at Sterling College. “We prove that rural campuses can be inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ people. Our community is a complete ecosystem of transformation and learning. We live and learn together, and create a space where we value our connections with each other and the natural world. That includes making sure we’re not resting on our laurels and that we continue to further the dignity of everyone at Sterling.”

“I’m proud to go to one of the three Vermont colleges to be designated LGBTQ-friendly by Campus Pride, but I’m even more proud that our rating went up,” said Savannah Storch ’19. “Sterling is always speaking out and standing up for environmental and social justice. This new rating reflects just how much thought and work we put in as a community on these issues.”

“Campus Pride applauds Sterling College in its commitment to LGBTQ people and social justice,” said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride. “Campuses today need to be responsive to their students’ needs and concerns. Sterling College is doing just that with the Campus Pride Index and making a stronger commitment every year.”

The recognition from Campus Pride comes less than two weeks before Pride Vermont, a yearly celebration of Vermont’s LGBTQ community of all ages. For the past three years, Sterling College has had one of the largest collegiate populations at the festival.

“We’ll be celebrating our higher rating at Vermont Pride,” said Ellis. “We’ll be marching in the parade and whooping it up with Burlington’s LGBTQ community.”

Sterling College’s “4 stars LGBTQ-friendly campus” full report, can be found at


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