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University of Wyoming

Dates: October 10, 2022 – December 5, 2022

Salary: $14-17/hr ($2240-$2720 per mo.; DOE); housing and vehicle will be provided. Technicians will have ample opportunities to network with researchers, professors, and state/federal agency staff.

Job Duties: We are seeking a technician to lead Fall Fawn Recruitment Surveys and mortality investigations on a migratory mule deer herd in southwest Wyoming. The Red Desert of Wyoming is one of the most intact non-wilderness areas in the lower-48. To connect migration with fitness, the technician will use radio-telemetry to visually confirm presence and number of fawns with cohort deer alongside other data. Specific field tasks will include: (1) driving on remote 4×4 roads, (2) triangulating collared animals with ground telemetry, (3) focused field observations to record group composition and doe-fawn pairs (i.e., do collared does have fawn(s) at heel), and finally (4) cause-specific mortality investigations. Training will be provided for each. Project management tasks will include: (1) nightly data entry and brief check-in and (2) maintaining clean vehicles and lodging quarters. Successful applicants should have experience with at least some of the following: (1) radio telemetry, (2) driving on rugged ORV (off-road) or non-maintained dirt roads, (3) basic vehicle maintenance, and (4) basic backcountry navigation/first-aid. Applicants with an ability to identify deer age- and sex-classes and hunting experience are strongly encouraged to apply, but experience is not absolutely necessary.

Description: The Sublette mule deer herd of Wyoming contains the third longest terrestrial migration in the world and the longest mule deer migration ever recorded. While some deer migrate the astounding 150 miles (long-distance) to have fawns in the montane forests, others in the herd migrate <70 miles (medium-distance) and <30 miles (short-distance). As part of a decade-long study, we are investigating the trade-offs caused by different migration strategies to understand the mechanisms that maintain migratory diversity with each generation, and how this diversity benefits herds in the long-term.

How to apply: Email PhD student Luke Wilde ([email protected]) with the subject line “Red Desert Recruitment Technician” and attach a single pdf document with: 1) a short cover letter describing your field experience, 2) CV/resume, and 3) two relevant references.

Application Period ends 09/05/2022

To apply for this job email your details to lwilde2@uwyo.edu

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