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Sterling uses education as a force to address ecological and social problems, including:

  • Fossil fuel dependence and rapid climate change.
  • Destruction of biodiversity and loss of wild places.
  • Promotion of harmful agricultural practices that threaten human and natural communities.
  • Persistence of structural oppression that impacts human and ecological wellbeing.
  • Deterioration of civil society through estrangement from community, nature and place.


We believe that higher education must confront these threats and take action to address social and ecological disruption.  Sterling’s effort to create an “Eco University” of partnerships with not-for-profit organizations is a transformational step for a college or university to make.

If you are a student and you want to experience a transformative education that will inspire you and prepare you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, we encourage you to consider applying for admission.

Intrigued about the stand Sterling is taking? Is your alma mater contributing to the destruction of the natural world? Ask them. Consider withholding your giving until they make a similar commitment to the one we have made. Better yet, make a gift to Sterling to support our work.


Listen Up, Learn Fast

Change-makers speaking truth to power in the name of Climate Crisis:

“Is Green Growth Possible?”    

“Only rebellion will prevent an ecological apocalypse”    

“Dare to declare capitalism dead— before it takes us all down with it”    

“If Politicians Can’t Face Climate Change, Extinction Rebellion Will”    

“Harvard’s Hypocrisy on Climate Change”    

  • “We have to be cultivators of community. Nothing living begins big. Every plant was a little seed. Your little college is the seed of the future.”

    Dr. Vandana Shiva sits next to President Matthew Derr at the Poison Free Future Tour

    Dr. Vandana Shiva

    Internationally-renowned ecologist, activist and author

  • “This small college is one of the most important places in this country. Any institution can announce its ideals; great ones live them out–in the curriculum, on the campus and in the portfolio.”

    Image of Bill McKibben

    Bill McKibben

    honorary Sterling alumnus, environmental activist and author of The End of Nature, Deep Economy and the recently published Falter

  • “Higher education is addicted to and promotes extractive economic growth and consumption. If we continue to support an economy that robs graduates of the livelihoods we promise, we will betray this and future generations.”

    Matthew Derr

    Sterling College President

  • “I want to congratulate this very very small college for being a leader in so many areas, in terms of the environment and sustainability.”

  • “We are counting on you, my young friends, to become the true pioneers.”

    Commencement Speaker Wes Jackson

    Wes Jackson

    Co-Founder and President Emeritus of the Land Institute

  • “Climate leadership is needed at this moment. We must break free from fossil fuels. We are at that moment.”

    Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr

    Reverend Lennox Yearwood Jr.

    President and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus

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