Spencer Mast is a 2nd year student at Sterling College studying Environmental Humanities and minoring in Draft Horse Management. An Eagle Scout from New London, Minnesota, Spencer came to Sterling College because he believes strongly in both the mission of Sterling College and the values added as part of Sterling’s involvement in the Work College Consortium.

While Spencer’s work crew position on campus is the Logging Crew Attendant, Spencer can be readily seen assisting the Grounds Crew, Kitchen Crew, and Farm Crew daily. There is no job on campus Spencer won’t help out with or assist his fellow community members in completing because, in his words, “Someone’s got to do it. Work has to be done and if you’re willing to work together, you can build a stronger, more vibrant community. You build trust and confidence in yourself and your community members.”

Spencer is pleased to accept the Union Bank Scholarship for Community Service and is shown here meeting with Trustee Ken Gibbons (in photo on left) to discuss the service needs of our community.

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