The past week, I have devoted significant amounts of time to washing the dishes of my fellow community members. Why? Well, it’s one of the many facets of being in our community. Each semester, Sterling students are required to complete one week of either farm or dish chores. It switches each semester. Last semester, I spent a week caring for the animals on our working farm, ensuring that they had food, water, and clean bedding. This week, following each meal, I am in the kitchen, helping to wash the plates, cups, and mugs that have been used in the process of eating our delicious food. While it’s not the most pleasant task on campus, we do it because we know that our labor is needed for this community to function. It’s a labor of love for this unique community that we call home. 

One of the main aspects that truly makes it worthwhile is the appreciation of my fellow students. As they deposit their empty plates, they express their sincere thanks for the work we’re doing. When this happens, I try to come up with a witty pun. Sometimes it takes a moment, but better plate than never! 

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