Rain or shine, every day is a great day to play and learn outside. The idea of learning how to be wild and free is part of the Coyote Kids curriculum, so when rain enters the scene, the Coyote Kids embrace it with open arms and rain jackets. As some people grow older they may begin to feel that rain and snow are more of a hassle than a luxury or a way to have fun. To watch these kids frolic in the mud and drizzle really allows for one to feel their inner child come out, and for a few hours feel like you have gone back fifteen years to your own childhood.

Today after playing tail tag and talking about nature mysteries, the Coyote Kids started their journey to the hidden village in the woods.

rainHere we have mentor Gerry and a bunch of Coyote Kids waiting to be sent down the trail of whispers. This gives the Coyote Kids a time to think in silence about something that is happening around them in the natural realm. Whether it be listening to the way the wind sounds, or keeping an eye out for birds, the whisper trail teaches the kids how to be aware of their surroundings.

rainAfter everyone arrived at the shelter, we watched Gerry bring in fire to keep us warm on this rainy cold day. Though the coals kept going out, Gerry’s persistence paid off, and soon there was a bountiful amount of heat to be had. Susanna began circle time, where we give thanks and have snacks before heading off into the activities of passion time.


rainToday’s passion time included a creature hunt, creating throwing sticks and doing target practice, coal burning spoons and creating pottery around the fire. Here we have a few Coyote Kids on the hunt for salamanders and slugs. Nora is pointing out some slugs (which the kids were enthralled by, particularly because there was a mother slug with a baby).

rainAfter passion time ended, the Coyote Kids gathered one last time around the fire for the big story of the day. Today it seemed to give a strong message about the importance of sharing with others. Once the story was over, the Coyote Kids headed out into the open air and gave thanks to the land, which brought the conclusion to this week’s outing.

Written by Scott Josephson.

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