Chef Simeon and Garden Manager Gwyneth Harris had the opportunity to visit High Mowing Seeds(HMS) today where they were invited to participate in an ever evolving series of vegetable taste evaluations.  Tom Stearns, owner and very active operator of HMS as well as a Sterling Trustee, along with an intelligent and passionate crew, are constantly and meticulously testing vegetables.  Seeds are tested for seemingly infinite factors from germination through harvest and even post-harvest storage factors are observed and recorded.

Simeon and Gwyneth tasted and rated 8 types of Kabocha squash.  This tasting was so inspiring for Simeon, his mind swimming in the different applications for each.  One type of Kabocha could be amazing for a smooth and thick puree.  Another could be the perfect soup squash.  And another still could be perfect with Sterling raised lamb. Gwyneth was discussing new and ever increasingly methodical ways for Sterling to conduct frequent evaluations of products.
Together Simeon and Gwyneth will be working hard to strengthen the connection between the farm and the kitchen by coordinating plantings, harvests, and the evaluation of the vegetables produced and consumed at Sterling.  It’s an exciting time for new food system models at Sterling!
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