Storytelling is a vehicle for change. Truths and lessons are shared through stories. The significance of storytelling has become apparent in my life since the course. Communication with others is storytelling. The visuals that are imagined by stories are an ancient and natural process.

To have healthy relationships with ourselves, our community, and our environment, attention to the intention around the stories of the culture I live in is crucial.

Since the course, my way of interacting with people has shifted into feeling more open and willing to express myself. I encountered the fear of being in the spotlight. Instead of judging my actions, joy arose, because I was sharing myself creatively and felt safe doing so.

Fears around speech and expression in my experience and observations for me personally cultivated anxiety. Creative expression activities like improv, acting, creative dance, bring about emotions within myself than could be seen as character. Physically being a character and wearing the costumes allows me to take on different personas that are part of myself to release them. The experience of acting teaches me to know myself as a dynamic being that leads me to feel empowerment. This empowerment helped me to understand myself and other people.

I want to drive the vehicle of storytelling to fuel the community and myself with positive, vital energy. Realizations of inner passions and parts of myself have stemmed from teachers at Sterling and grown from positive learning environments at Sterling. The teachers at Sterling College, that passionately teach, are the greatest gift I could ask for.

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