Here’s a quick heads-up for seven outdoor educational opportunities coming up this fall. Ready? Let’s go!

  • Who could pass up rock climbing surrounded by Vermont’s fall foliage? Take Intro to Rock Climbing and discover the magic of high angles and strenuous challenge.
  • Would you rather immerse yourself in the facilitation of personal growth and team challenge? Take Challenge Course I; you’ll be in charge of groups on low and high elements and learning more about leadership and risk management than you thought possible.
  • outdoorYou don’t want to miss Orienteering Sports; fall is a perfect time to run around in the woods practicing highly precise and technical orienteering skills! Adrian Owens, faculty in Outdoor Education, was keeping his skills sharp at an orienteering race in Foxboro, MA in mid-April where he met up with Sterling alum Thorin Markinson ’01 (pictured right).
  • Or, you could be studying Experiential Curriculum Design, and trying out your lesson plan in next-door Craftsbury Academy while wrestling with the deeper questions around how people learn.
  • Fall is also the perfect time to try your hand at nature mentoring through the Coyote Kids program; learn the skills in the Nature Mentoring class; then teach primitive skills in an entirely outdoors setting, with a group of wildly enthusiastic young people and supportive peers and mentors.
  • And lastly, spend your free time participating in Sterling College’s Adventure Society trips—whether on a sunrise hike, an overnight paddling trip on nearby Green River Reservoir, or a trip to a climbing gym, these are a great way to make friends, connect with nature, and cultivate outdoor skills.

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