This month, volunteers will be turning wholesome excess food that was originally destined for compost into delicious pies. Pies for People, a grassroots event organized by Sterling College, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Center for an Agricultural Economy (CAE), and the Hardwick Area Food Pantry, will combine surplus squash purée with donated ingredients to make into 150 pies, which will then be donated across the community.

Volunteers from the Hardwick area will meet up at both the Sterling College kitchen and the CAE kitchen to turn donated ingredients from High Mowing Organic Seeds, Pete’s Greens, Black Dirt Farm, and King Arthur Flour into healthful and tasty seasonal pies. These pies will be shared with neighbors in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.

This project is a collaborative effort to provide members of our community in need with food that’s responsibly and locally grown,” said Sarah Waring, the Executive Director for the Center for an Agricultural Economy. “It relies on all of us working together, and we can’t say enough about the people who choose to volunteer year after year, as well as our long-term partners who provide the raw ingredients.”

“Pies for People was an early dream based on the need to find a home for squash pulp left over from our seed harvest,” said Tom Stearns, owner of High Mowing Organic Seeds. “We are so happy to work with our partners to keep it going and support healthy, vibrant communities.”

“This is about feeding the community, but also feeding the soul,” said Simeon Bittman, Executive Chef at Sterling College. “It’s part of the Sterling Kitchen’s vision to support our community whenever we can. It’s an honor to continue to offer our space, equipment, time, and resources with our partners to make sure that everyone in the area has something delicious to eat for the holidays.”

The prep night for the crusts will be on Thursday, November 19th, at Sterling College in Dunbar Hall. Volunteers that night are welcome to join the Sterling College community for dinner at 6 p.m. before they roll up their sleeves and roll out the pie crusts. People interested in participating should contact Simeon Bittman, Executive Chef at Sterling College, at [email protected].

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