While the rest of the northeast was getting ready to be buried in snow, Tuesday was just another day at Sterling. After introductory sessions on ice climbing equipment and history and risk management on Monday, students got out for a full day of climbing for their first real taste of ice.
The blowing snow and frigid temperatures made for ‘full winter conditions’ in Smuggler’s Notch (affectionately termed ‘The Notch”). Excitement and enthusiasm (along with many layers of wool, down, and synthetic clothing) kept us all warm.
You can click right here to see more photographs of our adventures on ice.
We drove home tired but satisfied and looking forward to another home cooked meal provided by our wonderful kitchen. Wednesday is a day off to rest up and do movement analysis of climbing videos taken in The Notch and we get right back at on Thursday. More climbing and a new skill, rappelling.
They say it’s winter for 6 months of the year up here in the NEK; might as well get out and learn to enjoy it!
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