Juneteenth: Part II

A Craftsbury History Lesson



A black and white portrait of George Washington Henderson, a freed black man who founded the Craftsbury Academy.

George Washington Henderson (1850 – 1936) served as Principal of the Craftsbury Academy in Craftsbury Common.

On June 10, 2020, on Craftsbury Common, there was a gathering of about 200 people on Craftsbury Common to protest the murder of George Floyd. There were also a handful of people in vehicles on the periphery of the Common who––while ostensibly exercising a right to free speech––sought to intimidate those peacefully assembled by flying the battle flag of the Confederacy.

This counter-protest took place within a few yards of a memorial dedicated to the 148 residents of Craftsbury who fought against that flag on behalf of the Union, 19 of whom died in service, and a further 13 who were killed in the armed struggle from 1860 through 1865 that ultimately led to the emancipation of 4 million enslaved people.

While the race and identity of those from Craftsbury listed below is unknown, nearly 200,000 black soldiers fought on behalf of the Union. Both free blacks and those who escaped from enslavement joined in combating the confederacy. Forty thousand black soldiers died in the war: 10,000 in battle and 30,000 from illness or infection. Despite being faced with racism in the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic, sixteen African Americans received the Medal of Honor for their courage in the Civil War.



Allen, Frank R.

Allen, George R.

Allen, Joseph W.

Avery, Alfred, C.V.

Bagley, George W.

Bagley, Henry J.

Bagley, Hollis A.

Bagley, John, A.

Bagley, John Jr.

Bagley, Moses O.

Bagley, Richard D.

Bailey, Hiram

Baldwin, Alger J.

Bastin, William C.

Bickford, Samuel

Bixby, Charles H.

Boutwell, Robert T.

Boutwell, Rodney M.

Boutwell, Thomas N.

Boutwell, Ephram, H

Bridges, Alfred

Bridges John, C

Brown, Elijah S

Brown, Stillman A.

Bullard, Martin L

Bundy, Loren S.

Burnell, Franklin J

Burnham, James E.

Calderwood Thomas M

Cass, Albert

Cass, Harlan P.

Cass, Lewis T.

Chamberlin, William C.

Chase, Samuel, W

Coon, Alanson E.

Coon, William H.

Cowles, Albert E.

Cowles, Leonard

Cowles, Russell W.

Crane, Franklin, A.

Daniels, Albert N.

Davis, Ira

Davison, Solomon

Drew, George H.

Durkee, Joseph, C.

Dustin, Daniel Jr.

Farnham, Barachias

Farwell, Jacob

Farwell, Reuben, S

Flemming, John

Flemming, Thomas

Gage, Elihu H.

Gardner, James K.

Gardner, Levi C.

Garvin, Alphonso R.

Garvin, Charles

Garvin, Orlando W.

Garvin, Samuel S.

Gile, Albert

Goodwin, Royal B.

Graves, Thaddeus O.

Greaves, James

Greaves, Robert

Hemenway, George W.

Hodgden, Porter C.

Hoyt, Asa

Hoyt, Charles C.

Hoyt, Joseph W.S.

Hoyt, Timothy S.

Hunt, Willard

Ives, John R.

Kaiser, William P.

Langdon, Robert H.

Lunt, Albert C.

Macomber, William, A.

Marcy, Edward H.

Marcy, Ephraim B.

Marcy, Marvin R.

Marsh, George W.

Mason, Hiram

Mason, Irving W.

Mason, John L.

Mason, Marvin M.

Maxfield, John B. Jr.

McRoy, Charles

McRoy, John

McRoy, William

Miles, Edmund

Miles, Page

Miles, Stephen

Miles, William

Miles, Henry C.

Moodie, Thomas

Moody, Almon B.

Moody, Alson S.

Nelson, Charles

Paddock, Augustus

Putnam, Hiram M.

Randall, Amasa, A.

Randall, John L.

Raymo, Franklin A.

Raymo, Levi H.

Reed, Warren N.

Robbins, Charles C.

Robbins, George

Robbins, Jacob J.

Robbins, James M. Jr.

Robbins, Major S.

Robbins, William

Robbins William H.H.

Robbins, William P.

Sabin, Caleb

Sabin, Jesse

Sawyer, Peter

Scott, Harvey, E.

Scott, Thaddeus

Sewell, Edward

Silver, Alonzo

Skinner, Nathan F.

Skinner, Nelson F.

Skinner, Washington, M.

Slack, Alden S.

Smith, Elia B

Smith, George W.

Sprague, Dexter M.

Sprague, Frederick W.

Stearns, Henry

Stein, James R.

Stevens, Goodwin W.

Stevens, Hiram jr.

Stevens, Wellington D.

Stevens, Winthrop C.

Stratton, Samuel

Symonds, Edward S.

Tallman, Riley S.

Tallman, William C.

Taylor, Rev. J.C.

Tillotson, Ormel M.

Twiss, George, S.

Udall, Xenophen

White, Cyrus L.

Whitney, Daniel D.

Whitney, Isaac P.

Whitney, William

Williamson, Alexander

Woodbury, Asa H.

Woodbury, Charles A.

Woodbury, Henry

Wylie, Joseph


Photo Caption: George Washington Henderson (1850 – 1936) served as Principal of Craftsbury Academy from 1877-1879 and again from 1886-1888. Enslaved in the South, he earned a college degree in Vermont, and was instrumental in building the original Craftsbury Academy building that stood within a few yards of where the battle flag of the Confederacy was flown just last week.



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