Our Global Field Studies: Scandinavia trip has just sent in their first dispatch from the road. They are currently in Iceland! Today’s dispatch comes from Weylin Garnett.

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Our second day in our fantastic journey has found us in the intentional community of Solheimar Eco-village where we will be staying for the next several days until we depart for Denmark! Solheimar was founded in 1930 for people with special needs. Based on Rudolf Steiner principles, Solheimar focuses on giving all individuals the chances to maximize their potential in a community that supports the individual. There are workshops for the community every day that focus on organic vegetable production, woodworking, candle making, weaving and soap making, and many of the products are sold to help support the village. Solheimar has gone on to inspire the creation of hundreds of other communities including the Camphill communities and even Heartbeet, right down the road from Sterling.

Today we helped out in their permaculture gardens where they grow their herbs, and afterwards we did some pruning in their greenhouses where they produce up to 18 tons of vegetables a year. After our hard work we sat down for classic Icelandic cod dinner and ended the night with a nice dip in the hot tub. Here’s to another three weeks! 

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