There is something special about the first hard frost of the season. It serves as a gentle reminder to make sure you have a hearty shovel, ice scraper, and a warm pair of wool socks. Each morning, I get a chance to witness the sunrise. The way that the light blanketed the ground made it glisten on this particular morning. Sprigs of grass that have survived turned into little trees of ice, speckling the frozen puddle that looked like stained glass. It is an honor to live somewhere that greets you with these types of priceless gifts, wanting nothing in return, other than pure appreciation. Waking up early is not a chore. Even doing chores on this land isn’t a chore, it’s an opportunity. This kind of opportunity is missed by most who sleep in a few extra moments. It’s an opportunity to witness what a fresh start feels like each day.


Prose and Photos by Madeline Pranaitis

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