This season’s student photo contest has been filled with ups and downs, especially for the marketing team. We had a very generous donation from an alumnus’ mother, we extended the submission period by a week, and holy cow, the photos! Sterling College is blessed with some VERY talented photographers, and as the curator of the contest, I did not envy the judges in their decision making.

However, all things must end, so this morning, Bianca Caputo, Vanya Davydov, and I piled into Beana Bern’s office for the moment of truth. My input was limited to bemusedly listening to their deliberations and occasionally saying, “Okay, then you can’t pick this photo either,” when a photographer had already been chosen as a winner. (To make the contest fair, we limited entrants to one prize each, even if they had multiple quality entries.)

But I know you aren’t here to hear about the process. Without further ado, I give you the winners!

First place: Renee Barry

photo contestRenee captions this photo, “This is a photo of Aqil on Sterling campus with an image of Afghanistan projected onto him. I wanted to show the contrast of Aqil carrying his own home within him in a setting so different, how his original roots are so far away, but how he’s also taking roots here. I also like the idea of how plants have such enormous roots under the surface that we do not see, and how that relates to Aqil reflecting on memories and experiences of home, in small moments imperceptible to me.”

Second place: Ashlyn Talley

photo contestRunners-up: Lou Lepping (top) and Seth Fineman (bottom)

photo contestphoto contestA very big, hearty THANKS to everyone who entered and to our judges! If you’d like to see the rest of the submissions, please check out our tumblr page. Stay tuned in future semesters for more photo contests!

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