Degree: Environmental Studies, Major in Sustainable Agriculture

Current Hometown: Tamworth, NH

Employment: Cider maker (co-founder of Dube & Robinson), sawyer, ski bum.




Can you tell us about the work you are doing now?

I am immersed in cider production year round. These tasks include planting trees, pruning, picking, pressing, bottling, sales and licensing. [Eric Dube got his first license to produce wine shortly after graduating from Sterling College in 2013. As his senior project at Sterling, he created a business plan for a hard cider business that focused on environmental stewardship, and local economy. Dube Cider was in business for two years, using a press that Eric milled and built himself, using local apples acquired through trades with landowners, and sold only at the Tamworth farmer’s market. In early 2014, Eric partnered with Will Robinson, a southern transplant with extensive experience in experimental fermentation, and Dube & Robinson was born.]

I run my sawmill mostly during the non-snowy times of year. I do custom bandsaw milling for folks in the area. Winter time is spent trying to snowboard as much as possible. In the winter, I work at a local ski area as a lift operator and hit the slopes of mountains in New Hampshire and Maine at least once a week all season.

How did Sterling influence your current career path?

Sterling taught me to be confident enough to hop onto new paths and make career decisions that correlated with my passions. My advisor and teachers introduced me to areas in agriculture, forestry and ecology that I still explore today.

What is your most memorable Bounder/Expedition memory:

Finding ways to laugh about the amount of ice in my bounder buddy’s sleeping bag.

Any words of wisdom for the current Sterling generation?

Take some classes that differ from your major. They all are interconnected and useful. Say yes to plenty of extra curricular opportunities and adventures. Keep seeking learning opportunities after graduation.

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