Wahoo! We survived the exam! Today was full of our usual antics. We started by checking in about the homework (we all got an A! HOORAY!) and reviewing everyone’s photos. Perry reminded us of the Ansel Adams gray scale and how using our gray cards affect our photos.
In order to have enough time to explain, Perry assigned and went over our new homework. He talked about color temperature and white balance, and how those are accounted for in our cameras. Here are some photos showing the different types of light and then Perry giving examples of how the settings might look on our cameras.
Next we moved on to reviewing our exam…Dun dun dun…It seemed like we all did pretty well. The real fun happened when we (the students) were put in charge of reviewing the answers. Obviously, it was serious work!
We all took our turns. Heather and Anna were naturals and were way more professional than the rest of us.
Thankfully, my question followed Heather’s quite nicely and I was able to use her notes.
But, I still had a moment of panic. Shown quite well in this photo of my “Oh, golly! I sure hope this is right!” face.
Eventually, our time started to run short and Perry took over. No, I did not intend to have Perry’s hand disappear. Gotta love slow shutter speeds!

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