This year’s Fiber Arts II class was charged by President Derr to design and create an example of a Sterling tartan. The class, consisting of students Nelly Detra ’17, Beth Pecoraro ’15, Madeleine Philpott ’14, Anna Berger ’17, Jordan Charbonneau ’15, and Max Gaydos ’16, and led by faculty member Jody Frey, designed a color and pattern and wove a large version in wool and smaller versions in silk during the Fall 2014 intensive.

The class shared the work and planned the sett, measured the threads, gathered the botanical dyes, and dressed the loom. The class chose colors that evoked the landscape and palette of the Sterling campus. The two shades of green represent the abundant plant life, white is for the snow and the white clapboard buildings, blue stands for the sky, and brown for the earth. The brown and blue were placed and proportioned to evoke edges or borders, much like earth and sky. The two greens gave the tartan symmetry and depth. The white stripe was the largest, and represents the snowy landscape that dominates in winter and early spring.

There is no word as of yet if the class plans on creating and selling Sterling College kilts. •

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