Monday, April 13th, and it’s my turn to be the class blogger. Oh boy.

I’d like to take a moment to admit that I’m not the brightest person in this class. I definitely would not call myself stupid, no way Jose. I’m just….how do I put this? I’m at a different learning level then the rest of the class. Thankfully Perry (our fearless leader) and the rest of my classmates are extremely patient with me as I try to comprehend a process that is a lot more intricate and complex than I was expecting.

I sit in the empty classroom and fidget with my camera, becoming even more nervous.

[photo 1- CRW-6084]

Woops! I realize that my camera is capturing photos that are extremely underexposed. What do I do? Okay Cat, try bumping the ISO up a little and change the aperture.

blog 6085

There, that’s better.

Before I know it one o’clock rolls around and it’s time for class to start. And look! Perry brought us all presents! And here I thought the holidays were over!


We all now have matte photo paper to print our photographs out on. I know Sophie is just as excited as I am! Now it’s time to jump onto the computers and learn a little more about how to use photoshop.

CRW_6103 CRW_6104 CRW_6108

One of the things we focused on was DPI, which stands for dots per inch. So, to understand what DPI is you first need to understand that digital photos are all pixels (or “dots”).

Class is now over and I’m done for the day. I may have a hard time understanding everything in this class and I know it’s highly unlikely I will ever be a professional photographer, but at the very least this class has changed the way I perceive photography. I used to be one of those misinformed people that thought that it was just as simple as point and click. Now I know that it is so much more than that, and I have a higher respect for all those taking part in the craft.

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