In Winter Intensive 2015, the students of Fiber Arts II bent their attention to the ages-old art of weaving threads into fabric. Two weeks of immersive introductory studio practice with a variety of fibers and looms was enmeshed with lecture topics and seminar sessions contextualizing weaving in terms of technology, linguistics, metaphor, civilization, ergonomics, place-based enterprise, and critical thinking skills. Finished products are currently on display at the Brown Library’s gallery.


Photo by Beana Bern


Photo By Ariel Drouault

Photo by Ariel Drouault


Nelly Detra

Upper-level Independent Study in Humanities: Craftswomen in the 21st Century

“A few weeks ago, following the passing of my grandfather, my family and I found ourselves preparing for the estate sale that would herald the end of 180 years – five generations – of our family inhabiting the farmhouse. It was during our final sweep that, in the back of a dusty closet in the now empty and echoing front hall, I discovered my grandmother’s last fiber stockpile.”   –Nelly Detra, Crafting for Joy

Second-year student Nelly Detra used her learning from Fiber Arts II (Fall ’14 session) to develop an independent study exploring her crafting heritage and situating her personal creative fiber practices amongst the practices of other contemporary women. In addition to knitting a lace-patterned shawl from handspun yarn, Nelly used a traditional American jack loom and several different techniques to make a range of specific fabrics. Several of her study’s products are currently on display at the Brown Library.


Photo by Beana Bern

Photo by Beana Bern

Click here to see more photographs of the students in action and their finished work!

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