Craftsbury ElementaryACraftsbury Elementarys the final project for the Sterling College Environmental Education class, students in the class designed and implemented a half-day workshop for the entire Craftsbury Elementary School on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016.

Over fifty elementary students explored and learned about the local ecology in the Sterling College forests. Excitement mounted as they hiked to the area below the Sterling College barns and around the lean-tos. Student-led workshops in natural construction, sit-spots and reflection, exploring and building Craftsbury Elementarybirds’ nests, becoming animals in animal games, and tree identification filled the morning. Of course there was a snack of “ants on a log” and songs and stories to bring them together. Thanks Lydia, Janet, Hailey, Olivia, Alexis, and Meryl for helping bring environmental literacy to the next generation.Lydia kids

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