The 5th Annual New England Food Summit, held at Simmons College in Boston, kicked off yesterday.  As I make my way from my summer job as a Watersheds and Ecology teacher at a camp in rural Maine, to the “big city,” I’m filled with excitement and wonder.

Ten or so weeks ago, I got en email from Tanya Swain, Director of the Maine Food Strategy.  She was writing me to say that she was nominating me to be part of the “Emerging Leaders” delegations at the NEFS this year.  Awe-struck in my thirst to know more, I immediately replied giving her the go-ahead.  As a sustainable food systems major at Sterling College, I knew this would an incredible learning experience.

I have been familiarizing myself with New England’s Food Vision: 50by60, to produce fifty-percent of what New England consumes by the year 2060.   I am one of three Emerging Leader delegates to represent my home state: Maine and, the moment that I found that out, I couldn’t recreate my excitement if I tried.  Boston, here I come. Racial equity is the theme of this year’s Summit.  States and organizations are collaborating to share how the commitment they’ve made towards equity and fair prices within our food system are being lived out. They’re talking about the local food movement and what price means.

I’m most excited about expanding my definition of what a sustainable food system looks like in New England, how do we as environmental and social justice stewards  take this vision and turn it into action.

You can follow live what’s going on at the Summit through the hashtag: #nefs15

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