Sterling College has been named one of the top lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-friendly campuses in the country by Campus Pride. The non-profit organization’s list showcases “the most LGBTQ-inclusive colleges and universities when it comes to policy, program, and practice in higher education.”

With a 3.5 star overall ranking, Sterling College is only one of two colleges in Vermont to be included in the index of 191 colleges and universities nationwide. The College earned top marks for its LGBTQ policy inclusion, housing and residence life, and support and institutional commitment.

“I’m very proud of Sterling, not only for being ranked highly, but because I know that the community is going to go over the ratings and see where we can improve,” said Emma Enoch ’18. “Everyone on campus holds equity and LGBTQ issues close to their heart.”

This is the first year Sterling College has completed the Campus Pride Index. “We believe in the transformative power of community, and we model that belief by ensuring that we are free from the weight of hate, discrimination, and fear. Each of us is committed to furthering the dignity of all, through our programs, policies, and relationships,” said Favor Ellis, Dean of Community. “We are inclusive and equitable, and this recognition shows that our community-building is making a real difference.”

“Campus Pride is proud of all campuses that have ‘come out’ on the Campus Pride Index and who work annually to improve their LGBTQ-inclusion and campus safety,” said Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride. “Sterling College is among those campuses who are taking responsibility and want to improve each year. We commend Sterling College on being visible for LGBTQ students and for their Campus Pride rating.”

The recognition from Campus Pride came three weeks before Pride Vermont, the yearly celebration of Vermont’s LGBTQ community. Sterling College regularly has the largest collegiate population at the festival, and its photos were republished by The Advocate in its online feature, “Pride in the Backyard of Bernie Sanders.”

Sterling College’s full score can be found here.

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