“Sterling College is in my DNA,” laughs Lori Schneider, the College’s new nurse.

She’s not exaggerating. Schneider’s grandmother was Margaret Sterling, who died right before the Sterling School opened, and for whom the school is named. Her grandfather was one of the school’s founders, Margaret’s husband, Doug Field.

Schneider started at Sterling College in June of 2014, but members of her family were, in a sense, here before her. “When the [painting of Margaret] was first put up there [the Library], my whole family was there to put the portrait of her up.” she remembers. “Then, when I first started here, I was doing a tour, and I was going into the Library, and right outside of the door to the Library as you’re walking in is a photograph of my grandfather, and I didn’t know it was there!”

Schneider has deep roots in the community. She grew up in Craftsbury, and her mother still lives here. Her husband Tony works at the Craftsbury Academy, a stone’s throw from campus. The couple have two children, a 15-year old daughter and a 12-year old son, and they live in nearby Albany.

Schneider’s goals include “to develop some programs, some workshops, some opportunities for people to get involved and take ownership over their wellness,” she said. “I want the community to feel as if I’m supportive of their wellness goals.” •

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