Jared NunerySouth House is now more than a dormitory; it also houses the office of the Orleans County Forester, Jared Nunery.

Nunery has been the Orleans County Forester since 2013, but over the summer, moved the office from Newport to the Sterling College campus. The office has historically been housed in Newport, which, as Nunery admits, is the “cultural epicenter of the county,” and where the previous Orleans County Forester, George Buzzell, was based for 44 years. However, when Buzzell retired, the Newport office was closed and the Lamoille County Forester, based in Morrisville, held both positions for some years.

When Nunery was hired, he was based out of St. Johnsbury, but he took a careful look at both the role of the County Forester and Orleans county itself. He found that 50% of the managed parcels of forested land are based in Albany, Craftsbury, Greensboro, and Glover. He decided to move the office to one of those locations, but found a dearth of office space. An employee of the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) suggested Sterling College.

Nunery was excited about that possibility. “[Moving on campus] could offer other opportunities for education and outreach,” he said. “Being at a school made sense!” Negotiations began with President Matthew Derr and Ecology faculty member Farley Brown, and Nunery moved in over the summer. Vermont County Foresters provide forest management advice, technical assistance, as well as outreach to landowners and the general public. As the county forester, Nunery is dedicated to the stewardship of Vermont’s forests and is a resource for private landowners, businesses, and nonprofits.

Nunery has been working for FPR since 2012, starting as a State Lands Forester out of the St. Johnsbury office. Before joining the FPR, he worked for SmartWood, a nonprofit in Richmond, Vermont, where he worked as an auditor of forest management practices both in the U.S. and internationally. Previously, he consulted on a number of projects related to wildlife habitat management and forest management.

Nunery earned his B.S. in Environmental Sciences and M.S. in Forestry from the University of Vermont. He lives in Hyde Park with his wife and son, and invites interested Sterling community members to come by and visit when he’s on campus.

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