Sterling student, Lance Parker, just finished his junior year and is preparing for his final year at Sterling.

“In a grand attempt to culminate my college experience, I will be taking 18 credits, live on my bicycle for 4 months covering thousands of miles, and run my second 100 miler, all while practicing focus and awareness in order to more fully develop my connection to the world that I live in. I will be living up to Sterling College’s mission statement: The Sterling College community combines structured academic study with experiential challenges and plain hard work to build responsible problem solvers who become stewards of the environment as they pursue productive lives.”

He departed Craftsbury Common, VT on Sunday, May 10th and is headed for Sheridan, Wyoming where he will participate in a 100 mile run.  Biking 2,475 miles in order to run another 100 is an enormous endeavor and we’re so proud and excited for him!

You can support Lance’s trip by contributing to his GoFundMe campaign and you can vicariously travel with him by following his blog, Biking to a Sense of Place. 

Here is a photo by John Zaber of Lance headed out on Sunday morning.  He was seen off by two of his buddies, Seth Fineman and Geoff Fehrs!  Go Lance go!

Lance Parker

–Beana Bern

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