The late summer mornings are dark and cool; the constellation of Orion looms large overhead when we rise before the sun, and the dew seems to have its thoughts turned toward the coming frosts, but it is summer still—if only for another week. These cooler mornings also herald the start to a new semester for athletics at Sterling. The College’s Trail Running class is poised at the starting line of its second semester; the Sterling Skyrunners are looking ahead to events through the fall—including mountain races at Loon, trail runs at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, and a reprise visit to the TARC Fells 32 mile Ultra race in December.

athleticsOur Nordic Team is pleased to partner once again with the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s coaching staff to build on our success over the past two years. Anna Schulz will be our Nordic coach this year and we’re looking forward to working with her.  We will continue training on the Center’s trails and participating in USCSA Nordic races across western New England and New York.

athleticsWe are also supporting a comprehensive approach to wellness by offering a twice-weekly yoga class taught by Natanya Bittman in our beautiful new multi-use space in Common House, and we’ve already had two rousing pick-up games of Ultimate Frisbee.

Perhaps because of our nature as an ecologically focused and community centered College, Sterling can boast the greatest per-student participation in its athletic programs of virtually any liberal arts college in the country.

As Athletic Director, I’m very proud of this; from the outset, my goal has been to make participation as broad and as inclusive as possible: everyone here—students, staff, faculty—is invited to participate in nearly all of the College’s athletic events. At Sterling, where our connection to the outdoors and to our special place in Vermont is the foundation of the college experience, athletics and wellness play an essential part of our experience.

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