Name: Erin Lane (nee: Small)

Graduation Year: 2000

Degree:  Grassroots Certificate; AA Natural Resource Management; BA Wildlands Ecology and Management

Current Hometown: Peacham, VT

Employment:  USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station


Can you tell us about the work you are doing now?

I coordinate the USDA Northeast Climate Hub, a regional federal program that helps farmers and land managers deal with climate change. I also serve as a leader for the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange, which is an organization that brings together fire scientists and managers. I was a forest firefighter and fire ecologist for many years before starting a family.

How did Sterling influence your current career path?

Sterling had me sold on a career in natural resources since the first week of school. I always knew I loved the outdoors and at Sterling I very quickly learned I could make it my career. My internship in 1997 was with the US Forest Service. 21+ years later and I’m still working for the same agency.

What is your most memorable Bounder/Expedition memory:

The night hike of Bounder. We got dropped off somewhere at night and had to find our way back to campus as a Bounder group. Breakfast, when we finally returned, was amazing. I remember this being the first Friday night of college. I’ve been a strong Sterling advocate ever since.

Any words of wisdom for the current Sterling students?

Spend more time at the lean-tos! Get to know your Craftsbury community outside of the College. Don’t be afraid to become close with your teachers and their kids.

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