Name:  Ladda Kosaketh

Graduation Year: December 2012

Degree:  B.A. Outdoor Education & Leadership

Current Hometown: I grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and after living in several places after high school, I have come back to the same area.

Employment:  STEAM Director, Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)


Can you tell us about the work you are doing at the Boys & Girls Club?

My role at the Club focuses on program quality, which I work on by helping support our program instructors with curriculum design, lesson planning and professional development. I help coordinate professional development for the instructors and also train them in some areas myself. Another part of my job is researching new programs by attending trainings and STEAM events to see if they fit into our organization’s mission and vision. I also coordinate special field trips outside of regular programming. Since being at the Boys & Girls Club, I have started junior beekeeping and junior hiking programs, which I instruct. (Read more about Ladda and the junior beekeeping group in this Sentinel & Enterprise News article from last fall)

How did Sterling influence your current career path?

Sterling influenced my current career path in many ways, starting with giving me work experience through the Work Program and helping me to find my true passion for education. I started studying outdoor education in a broad sense and then slowly figured out where my true passions are – nature connection, outdoor living skills, personal growth and team building. I also realized how much I value education. My journey has mostly involved working in youth development starting with outdoor education, transferring to co-curricular education in schools and now in STEAM education in after-school programming.

Sterling College helped me develop my character and find the person I want to be. I am a lifelong learner, someone who helps others to grow and someone who promotes positive social change.

What is your most memorable course or “out in the field” memory:

My most memorable course was Small Group Dynamics. I had a life-changing experience in the White Mountains on our nine-day backpacking trip. My classmates and I became really close while spending all of that time together. I made lifelong friendships and grew as a person. The course helped me find more confidence within myself and tested my outdoor skills. Anne Morse was a great instructor and allowed us time to be on our own and lead our group.

Any words of wisdom for current Sterling students?

This is a great time to challenge yourselves and explore new things. The College and community have a lot of resources and opportunities to offer. I didn’t realize until I left how privileged I was and often think about how I will never have those same opportunities again. They are much harder to find now because I live in a city. I also cannot find the time or money to take workshops anymore, since I have a full-time job and way more bills.

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