Education: Outdoor Education (Sterling College), Elementary Education M.A.T. (Rhode Island College) and Certificate in Herbal Foundations (Farmacy Herbs, Providence, RI)

Current hometown: Hopkinton, Rhode Island

Employment: Title I Services for Catapult Learning (School year) & Day Camp Director for Camp Hoffman (Summer)

Other activities/volunteer work/interests: When not working, I love hiking with my dogs, working in my garden, renovating the house my fiance & I just bought, crafting and spending as much time as I can at the ocean.

Can you tell us about your current work? The past few years I have been working for Catapult Learning providing Reading & Math Intervention for Title I schools in Providence/Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I enjoy working with students to achieve their academic goals in small groups and use my Sterling background to give a more hands-on approach to learning. During the summer, I am a Day Camp Director at Camp Hoffman in Kingston, Rhode Island. Camp Hoffman is a girl scout camp and this upcoming year is their centennial year! I am looking forward to camp next summer and all the celebrations that will go with that. This summer, camp had to be virtual which was interesting to navigate but Sterling gave me the tools to think outside the box which made virtual camp possible.

How did Sterling influence your career path and life path?  Prior to Sterling College, I was a bit of a lost soul with no direction but I did have passion for life. I just didn’t know what that passion was yet. My years at Sterling provided me with the “navigational tools” I needed to become who I am today. From the courses I took, I gained self- confidence, motivation, communication and leadership skills, as well as a strong work-ethic. The skills I learned allowed different doors to be open connecting me with different people. I was taught at Sterling the importance of networking and it has been an absolute staple in my career path both in summer camp life & teaching in schools. Besides paving the way for my career path, Sterling also provided me in becoming an environmental steward. I am always looking for ways to improve my own property to become self-sufficient as well as how I can help the environment globally on a local scale. I can honestly say without a doubt; I would not be the person I am today without Sterling College and I am forever grateful for my education at Sterling and the community it provides.

What are you hopeful about? Where/how/from what do you find inspiration? In these turbulent times, I am finding the importance of hearing all different points of views on varying topics. Opposing viewpoints seems to be an easy way to start an argument and emotions tend to drive these heated discussions. I am trying to spread awareness of the importance of listening and the impact of researching your opposing view on a topic. I feel the more educated we are as a society on all sides, it will pave the path we need to provide unity and a stronger community. I feel hopeful for our future when I work with today’s youth. They seem to be more informed about ecological and political topics than I ever was at that age. When I work with my students they motivate me and inspire me. I also gravitate towards nature when I need to reset my personal batteries. I always say there’s nothing salt water can’t fix.

What is your most memorable Sterling “out in the field” story? Although I was an Outdoor Education major, I have to say some of my fondest memories were working with Rick Thomas in his Draft Horse Management course. His passion for working with the horses was infectious and always brightened up my day with his witty banter. I had no idea what I was doing but he had such confidence in me that it gave me the courage I needed to overcome any hesitations. Rick, if you read this I am wholeheartedly thankful for the knowledge you provided me with, as well as your inspiration.

Any words of wisdom for the current Sterling generation? Always remember to enjoy the journey. The adventures you go on will provide where you truly belong. Trust the process.

Also return your mugs to Dunbar 😉

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