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Spring Onion Biscuits

by Chef Liz Chadwick


Biscuits.  They’re a touchy subject.  I’ve listened to a lot of folks argue about the best way to make a biscuit, and if i’m being totally honest … I feel like the arguments are a bit of a disservice to the beauty that is a biscuit. Flour = carb + butter = fat + milk = liquid.  Heat.  It’s just so darned loving and simple.  Listen, I love me a good biscuit, and I totally get it: who wouldn’t fight for something they love?  I’m not saying there isn’t an art and beauty to a perfect biscuit—I’m just saying that I think something this simple and kind surely shouldn’t be argued over.  So, um, just let it go and enjoy some Spring Onion Biscuits.

I’ve been making this biscuit recipe religiously for the last seven years, and I’ve never messed with it.  And I’ve also never heard anyone say: “Yeah, Liz, that biscuit could be way better.”  So please don’t fight and fuss with a recipe that has made so many people, for so many years, go “mmmrrrmm…” (there’s no applicable word for that sound, sorry).  Anyway, here are my beloved biscuits, with spring onion and cheese curds, ’cause hey, it’s Spring(?) in Vermont, and that means we all need to dress up and celebrate the kind and simple things in life (i.e. I woke up to snow … again … in May).


Spring Onion Biscuits

Dry Ingredients:

  • 2 C All-Purpose Flour
  • 3 Tbs Baking Powder
  • ¼ C Sugar
  • 1 Tbs Salt

Wet Ingredients:


Preheat oven to 400°F.

Get your largest bowl.  Add flour, baking powder, sugar and salt, and mix thoroughly. Cut the butter into your flour mix (or if you’re lazy like me, you can just shred it through a food processor).  Using your hands, mush the cheese curds into the flour/butter mixture. Toss in the sliced scallions/chives, and add whatever else sounds tasty. Pour milk on top, and delicately start to mix.  DO NOT OVER-MIX!  The goal is a globby, wet, sticky dough. Dry bits are the enemy, but not at the expense of gluten development.

Plop, drop, or roll your biscuits onto a well-oiled pan. Bake for 15-ish minutes, or until well browned. Insert “mmrmmm” here.


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