As I have begun to approach the end of my stay at Sterling, I’ve thought of a few things I wish I had brought. Don’t get me wrong, I had what I needed to be happy here, but if I had it to plan for again, I would come a bit more prepared. Here are 12 things I wish that I’d brought with me:

  • wish I'd broughtSorrel (or similar) snow boots. Even though I arrived in the Spring, there were plenty of cold nights where these would have felt great!
  • Rain boots
  • A twin sized pad for sleeping on. It’s common that students here sleep out in the woods or by the lean-tos often.
  • A plug-in kettle
  • Wool socks, fleeces, and flannels
  • An axe file and whet stone. I learned that admitted students receive a file and students that attend receive an axe upon arrival. How cool is that?!?!
  • Tape
  • Speakers
  • A mug & water bottle
  • Parachute chord
  • An instrument
  • Umbrella

My friend Kesha, a Sophomore at Sterling, said, “People bring their whole lives. Don’t do it! Pack light, and whatever you do pack, make sure it can get dirty.”

wish I'd broughtIt may seem like a lot to bring, and you may worry that packing light won’t be an option; but never fear! Being prepared is better than being unprepared. Your time at Sterling will be lovely if you can find yourself comfortable in some (awesome) but uncomfortable settings. Push yourself to the limit, but still have those nice soft pillows and cup to enjoy hot cocoa in.

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