Besides on-campus work, all students are required to complete a ten-week, off-campus internship. Sterling College prepares students for these internships with a course prior to the experience, and provides a constantly updated list of internship opportunities. 

Additionally, there is a course required after the internship, to better help the student integrate his or her work with the rest of the student’s degree plan.

What is the Internship Program?

  • Bridging theory and practice
  • Integrating academic learning with “real-life” employment
  • Practical and realistic hands-on training
  • A ten-week experience (working full-time) and two courses (prior to and post the experience)
  • A total of 9-credits
  • A requirement of all students
  • Experiential learning based on the philosophies of service-learning
  • A Sterling tradition since 1981

Goals of the Internship Program

  • Introduce students to an environmental organization and the everyday realities of the organization’s work.
  • Develop an understanding of the host organization’s mission, decision-making structures and strategies, budgetary process, and natural resource inputs and output.
  • Craft individual learning objectives for the experience.
  • Acquire photo-documentation skills.
  • Gain professional writing skills.
  • Create life-long career development tools in the form of a career portfolio.
  • Successfully conduct a job search. Improve or gain public speaking and presentational skills.
  • Develop and challenge a sense of professionalism and work ethic and philosophies.

How Does the Internship Program Work?

The Internship Program takes place in three courses over three semesters. The first course, Work Search, is scheduled during the spring semester of the student’s first year. The second course, Practicum in Environmental Stewardship I (the actual internship), usually takes place in the summer or fall of the student’s second year. The third course, Writing and Communications, concludes the program when the student returns to the campus.

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