Tuition, Room & Board

We make every effort to support students who make the choice to attend Sterling College. All students determined to have financial need receive financial assistance. In 2012, the average financial aid award, per semester, was $10,500.

All Sterling students who live on campus earn $800 per semester in tuition credit for their participation in the Work Program.  Students on internship are eligible to earn up to $600.

Sterling is a year-round college; we admit students in all three semesters, fall, spring and summer. There is no requirement to engage in the year-round curriculum, and many students do stay with the traditional fall and spring schedule.  Federal and Sterling College student financial aid programs are available year-round.

Tuition & Fees

Summer 2014
May 27 – July 18
Fall Semester 2014
August 24 – December 9
Spring Semester 2015
To be determined
Tuition $14,996 $14,996 $14,996
Room $2,003 $2,003 $2,003
Board $2,395 $2,395 $2,395
Activities $75 $75 $75
Fees $1,750 $1,750 $1,750
Total $21,219 $21,219 $21,219

*All tuition, room, board, and fees are listed for full-time enrollment. For part-time enrollment fees, please contact the Business Office at Sterling College.

Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is required for all students. All students will automatically be enrolled in Sterling College health insurance. Students wishing to waive this coverage must provide proof of other health insurance coverage to the Business Office.

Sterling College Health Insurance Plans 

• Fall ’13 Semester =  For those under 26 years of age, $1629. For those 26 years of age and over, $2247.
• Spring ’14 Semester =  For those under 26 years of age, $1088. For those 26 years of age and over, $1497.
• Summer ’14  =  For those under 26 years of age, $490. For those 26 years of age and over, $669.


Textbooks & Supplies

Each student is responsible for purchasing textbooks, program supplies, and personal items. Some courses involving individual projects may require purchase of additional supplies.

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If your values lead you to commit to becoming an environmental steward and you want the rigor and challenge of working with both your hands and your mind, Sterling College could be the right place for you. We encourage you to schedule a visit to campus or sign up for more information.


Sterling College Office of Admission and Financial Aid

Email: admission@sterlingcollege.edu

Phone: 1-800-648-3591 (ext. 100) or 802-586-7711 (International)