Emergency Protocol

In the event of an emergency, treat any injuries with first aid to the extent that you are qualified. All Community Advisors and Student Life staff at Sterling College are CPR / 1st Aid certified, and/or are trained as Wilderness First Responders.

If injury appears to require immediate medical attention, call 911 which will contact to the following resources:

State Police (Derby), Fire (Craftsbury), or Ambulance (Hardwick)
Call the Poison Control Center 1-877-658-3456 (a toll-free number)

Also contact on-campus faculty/staff as listed below, for any emergency (medical, psychological, any situation which you feel requires professional intervention).

**For emergencies requiring a counseling intervention**

Favor Ellis, Dean of Community
587-7711 x127

Wellness Center
586-7711 x117

**For emergencies requiring maintenance**

Steve Smith
586-7711 x119

**For emergencies involving animals on the farm**

Rick Thomas
586-7711 x151

For contact outside the 8-5 work week, call the College Pager: (802) 290-9931

Favor Ellis, Dean of Community
587-7711 x127

Pavel Cenkl, Dean of the College & Faculty
586-7711 x140

Matthew Derr, President
586-7711 x132

Jennifer Payne, Dean of Work
586-7711 x126