Health & Wellness

The Wellness Team ensures a safe, welcoming, and vibrant community by providing services that assist students in identifying, clarifying, and achieving their personal, wellness, and educational goals. In addition to direct assistance to students, the Wellness Team develops programs that improve the quality of life and learning in our community. Wellness programming promotes and sustains diversity of culture, history, and lifestyle, fosters respect for the campus environment and ecological systems, and facilitates a productive and transformative exchange of ideas.

The Wellness Team offers support to students around issues of stress, transition, general mental health, and crisis response. Acute mental health issues are referred to a licensed psychologist or emergency services, if necessary.

The College Nurse is available during scheduled hours to consult on matters of general, physical, or mental health and to assist with insurance claim forms for accidents. If a doctor’s examination is required, the Wellness Center staff will assist with appointments and transportation. Excellent facilities are available in Hardwick, 10 miles from campus, and at Copley Hospital in Morrisville, 20 miles away.

Students with chronic or long-term illness are encouraged to maintain the care of their home practitioner or to establish themselves with a doctor in the community.

Favor Ellis, Dean of Community: fellis@sterlingcollege.edu

Lori Schneider, RN: 802-586-7711 x117