Eating at Sterling

Sterling College has the most progressive food service of any college in the country. We grow a significant percentage of our own food, and source as much local food as possible.

 We do not use a food-service company. Instead, our chefs work alongside students to cook healthy, creative, and delicious meals. Our kitchen staff works hard to uphold the kitchen’s Mission Statement:

“The mission of Sterling’s Food Service is to manage the food system as an integral part of our educational programs by demonstrating a living-what-we-teach philosophy.”

Our kitchen best demonstrates this philosophy through composting, conserving energy and resources, eating seasonally, preparing our food from scratch, and recycling.

Sterling Grown

Sterling grown organic vegetables and meat are used in a whole-foods menu. We also supply many of our own eggs, maple syrup, and organic fruit.

Organic Food

We work hard to provide organic food as often as possible without falling into the trap of buying organic shipped in from far away. Most of the food we source locally is responsibly produced, if not “certified” organic. We also strive to provide organic grains, nuts, beans, flour and cereal as well as many other organic products whenever possible.

Local Food

Sterling has a long history of supporting the surrounding community. As one of the few colleges in the country that runs its own kitchen, we extend that support by buying produce and products from our neighbors and local producers throughout the year.

Local Producers

Other Vermont businesses and producers