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Sterling College is committed to life-long environmental stewardship and to crafting leading edge learning experiences that are relevant to the important work of our community members. It is with this commitment in mind that Sterling College offers free or reduced tuition for its alumni.

For Sterling College, Sterling School, and Sterling Institute graduates, Sterling offers free tuition to all Sterling College graduates interested in enrolling in up to one 4-credit course each calendar year. Alumni can contact the Registrar to request enrollment in a course as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Sterling B.A. or A.A. degree or Sterling School/Sterling Institute diploma in hand
    Good standing with the College
    Space availability
    Dean of Academics approval
    Participants are responsible for additional course fees including, but not limited to, lab fees, travel fees, books and materials.

Continuing Education courses, including those offered through the School of the New American Farmstead, are not eligible.  We do invite you to drool over the course offering and consider registering for one of those amazing classes anyway!

For alumni seeking to complete their B.A. degree:
Students with no more than 30 outstanding credits can request to enroll in up to one 4-credit course each semester at a reduced per-credit fee. For the 2014-2015 academic year, this reduced fee is $300 per credit. The criteria for enrollment is the following:

A minimum of three (3) years since a student’s most recent enrollment at Sterling
Good standing with the College
Space availability
Dean of Academics approval

Contact the Registrar

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