Alumni Trustee Members

Stephanie George Bless ’07 is a nursing student at the University of Vermont. After Phillips Exeter Academy, she began her undergraduate education at Bowdoin College as a pre-med major. During her sophomore year, she participated in a semester abroad program in Australia with NOLS, the National Outdoor Leadership School. Stephanie credits that experience with her discovery that health goes beyond the human body to encompass the food that we eat and the environment in which we live. After the NOLS semester, Stephanie transferred to Sterling. Stephanie lives in Burlington, VT with her husband, Brandon Bless – the former Livestock & Pasture Manager at Sterling.

Melissa Fisher ’00 is the outgoing Chief Operating Officer for Friends of the High Line – the non-profit conservancy group dedicated to preserving and maintaining the High Line as an innovative public park visited by millions of New Yorkers and tourists each year.

Melissa discovered what she calls “the profound connection between people and plants” as an undergraduate at Dartmouth, where she helped found the Dartmouth Organic Farm. She made the inspired decision to transfer in her senior year to Sterling College in order to further focus on sustainability and place through the context of experiential education. Melissa is fluent in Swahili, rides a motorcycle, and spent four years fixing up a Brooklyn brownstone with her husband, Thabo, and their friends. She and Thabo are now bound for Virginia, where they plan to begin work on an exciting land development project on Thabo’s grandfather’s farm.

Jake Oudheusden ’12 was an Outdoor Education major and had strong interests in Sustainable Agriculture, completing the entire Draft Horse Program with Rick Thomas. Through the work program he worked in Admission, with the Draft Horses, and four continuous semesters with the residence life program. After graduating from Sterling, Jake began working for admissions full-time as the Assistant Director of Admissions. After two years in admission for the College, Jake moved back to Derry, New Hampshire to help his parents with their function hall. Jake now lives in Manchester, New Hampshire and works for his parents, while taking on a few other work opportunities, including a part-time position at Brookvale Pines, a farm in Fremont, from which Sterling recently just purchased a new team of horses.

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