Alumni Association

2013 ReunionWe are just in the beginning stages of forming an official Sterling Alumni Association.  At the October 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting, the Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement proposed to the Board the formation of an official Sterling Alumni Association.  They were pleased to endorse this proposal.  Also in October 2013, during the Alumni Reunion, a meeting was held with alumni to find out what they would like to see the Sterling Alumni Association become.

With the information gathered at the Reunion and research done of other alumni associations, the structure of the Sterling Alumni Association is being created. This will be presented to the Advancement Committee at the February 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting for endorsement.  Following that meeting, more information will be provided to alumni regarding the Sterling Alumni Association.

Anyone who has completed at least one semester at Sterling and is in “good standing” with the College will be considered a member of the Sterling Alumni Association. In addition, current students are considered to be “alumni-in-residence” and at least one student from each class will be a part of the Sterling Alumni Association. The Association will be led by an Alumni Board of Directors, which will consist of alumni from Sterling School, Sterling Institute, and Sterling College.  These members have yet to be determined.

The Sterling Alumni Board of Directors will work to do the following:

  • coordinate alumni activities and events;
  • cultivate understanding among alumni about the College’s need for financial support;
  • encourage alumni to attend various events;
  • engage students, staff, faculty, parents, and board members through various programs;
  • identify and develop traditions;
  • improve knowledge among alumni about the Sterling of today;
  • locate ‘lost’ alumni;
  • recognize distinguished alumni or dedicated alumni volunteers;
  • strengthen and support volunteer opportunities;
  • sufficiently promote Sterling College to the public; and
  • support career development for alumni and students.

If you are interested in being a part of the Board of Directors or would like to nominate someone, please send an email to the Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement.