Articulation Agreements

Sterling College honors articulation agreements with particular colleges and organizations. Students transferring from other colleges should contact the Office of Admission to learn more about our transfer policy.

Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Students of all ages can earn continuing education units for attending Yestermorrow courses, and Sterling College undergraduates can integrate coursework at Yestermorrow into their overall degree plan, with the option to earn minors in Woodworking, Natural Building, and Sustainable Building and Design. The expansion of Sterling’s continuing education programming and the partnership with Yestermorrow will broaden many students’ access to hands-on lifelong learning opportunities. Sterling College will continue to accept AmeriCorps and GI Bill benefits in support of these learning opportunities.  Sterling will also expedite Yestermorrow alumni applications for admission to the college’s B.A. program and Yestermorrow will assist Sterling College with the development of its woodcraft and woodworking facilities.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

Students who enroll at Sterling College after participating in a NOLS semester-long program and who received credit through the University of Utah may transfer credit for courses completed with a grade of C or better. A maximum of 8 credits may fulfill major and core curriculum requirements, while the remainder of credits may fulfill distribution requirements. Additionally, students may choose to participate in a NOLS semester as part of a Sterling College degree program. Please contact the Dean of Academics for specific details.

Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (SOLO)

Sterling College will waive requirements and/or grant credit to students who hold a current certification from SOLO in AWFA, WFR, and WEMT courses. SOLO courses will transfer to Sterling College as follows:

SOLO AWFA Advanced Wilderness First Aid (2 credits)
SOLO WFR — Advanced Wilderness First Aid (2 credits)
Wilderness First Responder (2 credits)
SOLO WEMT — Credit in Applied Sciences (up to 8 credits)
and course waivers for
Advanced Wilderness First Aid and
Wilderness First Responder


Community College of Vermont (CCV)

This articulation agreement has been developed to support student learning and increase student opportunity by facilitating the transfer of graduates of the Community College of Vermont’s A.A. degree program to Sterling College’s B.A. program. CCV and Sterling have worked together to define the following goals and parameters to facilitate student access to learning and to post-secondary educational resources in northern Vermont. CCV students are encouraged to speak to their Transfer Coordinator or contact the Sterling College Admissions Office for details concerning the articulation agreement.

1. Subject to Sterling College transfer policies, Community College of Vermont (CCV) students entering Sterling College may receive academic credit for all courses in which they have received an evaluation of “C” or better. Please contact Sterling College Admissions for specific details about core and common major requirements.

2. CCV graduates will require no more than 60 additional credits at Sterling College assuming they have completed and had approved a degree plan and audit of CCV coursework prior to enrolling at Sterling College.

3. Sterling College will provide academic advising to Community College of Vermont students who wish to plan their associate degree to facilitate their successful completion of academic requirements. Students may contact the Admissions Office at Sterling College to initiate the transfer process.

4. If students are eligible, in addition to a $1,000 transfer award and a $500 Vermont Student Scholarship, CCV graduates entering Sterling College as matriculated students are eligible for a $500 CCV scholarship.

Greenfield Community College (GCC)

An articulation agreement has been established to facilitate the transfer of Greenfield Community College graduates to Sterling College. This agreement is designed to enable Greenfield Community College graduates to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Ecology, Outdoor Education, Sustainable Agriculture, or the Self-Designed major at Sterling College.

Greenfield Community College graduates possessing an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts/Environmental Studies/Human Ecology or Liberal Arts/Environmental Studies/Natural Resources are eligible for admission to Sterling College as Juniors under specific terms. Greenfield Community College students are encouraged to speak to their Transfer Coordinator or contact the Sterling College Admissions Office for details concerning the articulation agreement.