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Applying to Sterling College is a highly personalized process, and we encourage all prospective applicants to contact the Office of Admission before submitting an application. Applicants for the Fall Semester have a choice of Early Decision, Early Action I and II, and Regular Admission. Applicants for the Spring and Summer Semesters are encouraged to apply well in advance of their intended entry term, and are considered for admission on a rolling basis.

Fall Admission (Regular Decision)

  • First-year students who wish to have a decision by April 15 must submit a complete application by April 1; however, we do accept applications after April 1.
  • Transfer students may apply and receive a decision on a rolling basis until July 15

Spring Admission

  • First-year and Transfer students are considered for admission on a rolling basis until January 4

Summer Admission

  • First-year and Transfer students are considered for admission on a rolling basis until May 4

Early Decision Fall Semester

First-year applicants may apply under the binding Early Decision program. Early Decision applicants may submit an Early Decision application to only one institution and if admitted under Early Decision are expected to withdraw all other college applications.

  • Applications are due by November 15, applicants receive notification by December 1st, and a deposit is due December 15th.

Early Action Fall Semester

Completed Financial
Aid Worksheet
 Notification Reply
Early Action I December 15 December 15 January 15 May 1
Early Action II January 15 January 15 February 15 May 1



The Early Action Program, while non-binding, is for students who have decided that Sterling College is their primary choice, and plan to enroll if accepted.  Early Action deadlines allow the student to apply and be notified well in advance of typical dates.
Please note:  it is possible to submit your admission application early and choose not to be considered in the Early Action or Early Decision program.


Early Financial Aid

One we know you are applying for Early Decision or Early Action I or II, we will email you the Early Financial Aid Worksheet.  If you wish to have an estimated financial aid award, you must complete this form and return it to us, via email or mail, by the same deadline as the completed admission application deadline. This will enable us to send your award letter along with your admission decision letter.

Please note that you will be using 2012 tax information to complete the Early Action Financial Aid Worksheet; however, questions regarding number of family members and number of family members in college should reflect what will be the case in 2014. We will prepare a preliminary, estimated financial aid award for the 2014 academic year using this information. You still must submit the completed FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1, 2014, which will reflect 2013 tax information.

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If your values lead you to commit to becoming an environmental steward and you want the rigor and challenge of working with both your hands and your mind, Sterling College could be the right place for you. We encourage you to schedule a visit to campus or sign up for more information.


Sterling College Office of Admission and Financial Aid

Email: admission@sterlingcollege.edu

Phone: 1-800-648-3591 (ext. 100) or 802-586-7711 (International)